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Filter, Evaporative, and Mist Eliminator Media Changeouts and Upgrades


Removal and installation of worn out cartridge filters, barrier filters, panel filters, filter wraps, evaporative media (CELdek®), and/or mist eliminators (DRIFdek®). Our efficient and proprietary method will make sure the job is done right the first time.

Technical Advisory and Inspection Services


We inspect the filters and evaluate any other contaminate conditions around your inlet system. Furthermore, if you are just looking for onsite supervision of your own labor force, we can do that too.

Cleaning of Filter Tube Sheet, Floors, Transition, and Media Section


Prior to installing new filters and media, it is important to clean off bugs, dust, media shavings, and other debris. A perfect filter seal and clean Evap module is ideal for the life of your turbine.

Correct Filter Tripod Assembly Orientation


After several filter change-outs, the tripods can become warped and distorted and filters no longer seal correctly. We correct this back to OEM specifications and original design.

Chalking and Repairs


Normal wear and tear occur in your filter house from the elements and continuous moisture spray. Overtime this causes rubber, plastic, and sealants to breakdown.

Replace and Install Filter Tripods and/or Bolts


Many tripod bolt threads wear over time and the nut no longer can be tightened down. This can result in filter dust and debris bypass.

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Evaporative Media Change-Outs (CELdek®)


Removing and installing Evap Media is not difficult but requires precision and careful handling as it can be damaged easily. 

Mist Eliminator Change-Outs (DRIFdek®)


Removing and installing Mist Eliminators is challenging and labor intensive. If this media is not installed correctly, it can have catastrophic effects on your Gas Turbine.

Blast and Coating Service of Evap Section


Let us take care of the hard work by partnering with our Blast and Coating subcontractor. They are the best in the business!

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Inlet Expansion Joint Change-outs

Any air that is not treated by filtration can  have catastrophic effects on your turbine. These EJ belts can degrade over time. Let us replace it at your next outage! 

Exhaust Expansion Joint Change-outs


Prevention of hot flue gas escaping exhaust plenums and duct work is imperative to the continued operation of your turbine. 

Exhaust Liner Repairs

Are your lines warped? Hardware laying on duct floor? Burned paint marks on outside of duct? Missing insulation? Let us come in an replace the areas of concern!

Flex Seal Demolition and Installation

Are your clamp bars twisted and missing hardware? Do you have flex seals warped and out of alignment? Time to replace your flex seals!